Injury avoided

Well, except perhaps to my hope that I would be able to perform tremendous acrobatic feats on the trampoline! I have to say, it was a lot of fun! Like any good grownup, I made sure to try everything first much to the giggling of 7 year old girls. I am pretty certain they had never seen a grownup be so silly 😉 it also helps that they actually were correcting me on my grammar. Yep, that was humbling!

Anyway, the birthday party was lots of fun! Growing up with my brothers, our birthdays were mostly family events, which I understand why. Birthday parties were something that I knew other kids did pretty frequently. We were always the new kids in the neighborhood so we didn’t go to those parties on the same scale. I remember on my 16th birthday, I went to someone else’s Sweet 16th because it was on a Saturday and her parents had rented a restaurant and everything. I remember going shopping with my mom for the vintage cocktail dress. I think I probably still have it somewhere 😉

We were moving again that year and my birthday ended up not being noticed in the ruckus. About a week later, my parents figured it out. I remember thinking that I could add this to the list of things that made me such a tortured teenager 😉 but truthfully, it didn’t really matter. After all, my classmate had already really stolen my birthday!

I got home last night and went to work since I had taken the afternoon off. Alot of my coworkers are in Seattle this week so they were all wired up to go. I did resist the urge to fire up the Nespresso because that would have been a complete inversion of my workday! Anyway, at the very respectable hour of 11pm, we were in bed.

I woke up this morning with some interesting discomfort. I imagine that’s the trampolining. I will try yoga today to get the soreness out. My yoga class the other night was really good, even though it was in Dutch. She was really slow but deliberate. In other words, holding the poses so long you want to cry.

As for the weekend, there’s a birthday party to go to, a meetup and I feel like I am forgetting something…

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