Happy Birthday, boys…

Not to the usual boys that I refer to but to my brothers, Cedric and Dylan. Today they turn 40. And they share their birthday with Ronald Reagan and Bob Marley which in a way matches nicely with how different they are, even if they are identical twins.

Cedric and Dylan, I’d like to tell you that on 6 February 1976, my life changed dramatically. I went from being the Center of the Universe to Big Sister. In some ways, I think we are still traumatized by that shift in identity 😉 Suddenly, there were two little people who couldn’t play, could only cry and eat and poop and got ALL of the grown-ups attention. I remember Mom would hold one of you and Oma the other and then they would switch. You can rest assured that you never lacked for attention 🙂

As we grew up together, I remember always feeling like there was something special about my family. I had twin brothers. In the days before fertility drug enhancing multiple births, twins were still kind of an alien species. And I actually had a pair to call my own and boss around in my attempts at directing self written holiday plays.

We’ve always had a rocky relationship as siblings, no doubt pre-determinined by our strong personalities. And I am sort of sorry that I did try to sell you a few times. But come on, you did read my diary despite the lock on it!

As you have grown into the men you have become, I hope that you recognize the capable and warm people you are. And I hope as you join the sensible shoes generation that you realize how much is possible for you with your strengths and talents. While I might still like to make some of your choices for you (what can I say? Big Sister runs deep) I am grateful to be part of your lives and to see you as you are.

For this coming year, and for those thereafter, I hope you will continue to change  your corner of the world and live fully. I hope that you will find the partners that make you want to try better for tomorrow and know that they love and accept you as you are. I hope you will take Mom’s legacy and spirit into another generation. I hope you will always have enough cheese for your needs.

I love you both.




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