No skiing for me

A fire started last night with the work layer above me. This meant that last night was a flurry of messaging with my manager and the promise that I would find some answers out today. And while this means I saved one of my 33 vacation days, it also means that I spent the day trying to fight a fire that actually is really non-existent.

There are a lot of politics at play right now and what stresses my manager influences me. I definitely don’t want to give her any extra agita. I always want to shield people from catching undeserved shit. At least I was able to fight the fires from a bench in the park this afternoon, in the sunlight!

Tonight I was still unsettled enough that I went walking for an hour to get some of that energy out. And I needed to ensure my 10K steps!

I stopped by my second living room and did my time as wise listener. If people only knew that I am not any better at knowing the answers than they are 😉

But I am willing to figure them out and sometimes it is just enough to have someone listen. Thereafter I can gently make suggestions. The person tonight told me they were really grateful that I listened and helped them look at some things. That made me slightly uncomfortable because there are no thanks needed, it is a privilege just to be trusted.

Tomorrow it is back to the office. Heh, that always takes such effort. At least it will be Friday!

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