Checked in but not packed

By now, you know how the drill goes in this house. I try to pack around the pets’ awareness. I am sitting here listening to the washing machine while admiring my Poppy colored toes. You see, Lisbon was in the 60s today and the weather says Sunny for the next few days. This means, of course, that it is time for warm weather clothes! Okay, so yes, I will still need to wear a coat when going to Schiphol but once I am inside, into the suitcase it goes and not to be used again until Wednesday evening!

I had a wine too many last night and ended up getting home around 3AM. Which was actually quite sensible since I heard that everyone else got home between 8 and 11AM. πŸ˜‰ Β This morning I had a brunch date with a friend, which I nearly missed since I hadn’t set the alarm, the phone hadn’t been on the charger and I didn’t hear any of the SMS alerts. Good thing George can only sleep so long. Usually when he wakes me up, I tell him “a few more minutes, George” and then pat him on the head like a snooze button. He’s figured out that I will do this three times and then get up.

Brunch was good. I ended up drinking a coffee, two iced teas and two Spa Roods. You could say I was a little dehydrated. By the time I walked home from de Pijp, I was back to normal. Well, as close as it gets anyway πŸ˜‰

I came home to squeeze in a nap before the park. I am a big fan of naps and luckily I have a sofa that supports that habit. After 45 minutes of peace, we went to the park. There is a boatshow at the RAI this weekend. In the back of the exhibition halls, they have all kinds of water sports adventure. George was fascinated by the guy who was waterskiing on a snow board. He didn’t want to leave and he kept turning around and stopping to stare at the participant. I could almost hear him thinking “If I only got more allowance, I could do cool things like that too”.

Since it was grey and overcast, the park was pretty empty. Suits us just fine that way. We were out for a long time today, I hit my 10K steps before we were anywhere near leaving. The only thing that made us go home was the fact that the pet store that sells the cats food closes at 5 on Saturdays and I needed to stock up for while I am gone. And then it was off the to people grocery store to get the romaine, sweet potatoes and meat that the dogs eat. I feel like I spend more time grocery shopping for my pets than I do for me…

Our housesitter knows the routine very well by now but I still go through the day before thought process of Have I Forgotten Anything? Not like the housesitter isn’t perfectly capable of figuring out if something needs replacing and where to get it… I think I need to learn to let go a little more πŸ˜‰

I would be in bed already but I am supervising the washing machine. I don’t like to run the washing machine and the dishwasher at the same time, so until the washing machine is done, I won’t start the dishwasher. I know, this is ridiculous – I have a perfectly modern electrical panel that supports it. I am just not sure about the water and if it can split properly so I do it this way.

Turned down some invitations to go out tonight knowing that I would do better with the peace and quiet at home to settle down those leaving anxieties. I know everything is fine here when I am gone. I think the biggest one right now is will Moortje still be alive when I get back? This is a silly question really because the vet has told me more than once that while he is old and there are concerns – hence his medications – he’s not that close to death’s door. Not far away from it, considering his age but certainly not knocking on it. And considering he just bit my hand, he’s certainly very much alive!

To hell with it, I am going to bed. The appliances can work out their own conflicts – Good night!

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