Tasty elephant

I am taking a slight break from the elephant because I am super pleased with my progress! Guess what? I found the cats’ pet passports!!! Luckily, I also have the bottles from their last vaccinations so on Tuesday, I will go by and have them officially amended with the last visits.

I found the garden furniture I want as well. But I am just flirting with it for now, until everything else is planted, the furniture isn’t really necessary. It is really cool though and unlike the terrace furniture sets that most people have in terms of shape/color/texture.

The downside of the fantastic weather today is that my curls have gone bye-bye. They were still in fine form last night so that was good 😉 but now, no more. However, it is going to rain tomorrow so they will be back. When I go out tonight, I’ll have to put it up in one of those clippy things. That much I can manage 😉

I talked with Meredith today and the dates for the Minion TakeOver of Chicago are set for early June. I am so looking forward to going and being with them. Sometimes it is hard seeing people you love once a year. I know, I made the choice but it still twinges. Hopefully, the dates work out for the twins as well so then we will have five Minions. Or maybe more if they have started dating. Hmm, I think I should know that as the Big Sister but I kind of don’t want to…

Henry ran away in the park today twice. I think maybe it was the weather that encouraged his bad behavior. Once he got into the swan and bird enclosure so I had to hang over the fence and pull him out. That was the second time. I think maybe he knows he is going to the vet on Tuesday and this is way of paying me back. He’s going to have a tooth pulled so it will be quite a long day for him there.

Tomorrow night I am going to an event that is targeted towards “Stringlovers, banjodelinquents, guitarpickers and bluesharp-alligators” so that sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun 🙂 Needless to say, they had me at banjodelinquents.

Okay, I want to tackle some more of the elephant before I go out so bye for now 🙂

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