Would someone please pass the PowerPivot?

Big sigh… today, I am not winning when it comes to internet gateways, downloads, managing queries or any number of things related to working with Excel. When I was in Portugal, my colleague gave me this amazing dashboard and I would really like to modify it for here. And so far, I have tripped over every single thing that could go wrong. I’m reaching the point where I am not sure if it is my faulty memory or Excel 😉 I am going to make one more serious effort and then I am going to go back to Portugal for a remedial course!

I am waiting for the vet to call. Henry had to go in this morning for a dental extraction. There was a little anxiety here at the ranch  because I was up at 630 and working from bed since I couldn’t get up. The boys would have expected breakfast and Henry was not allowed to eat. George was left behind when I took Henry to the vet and as I was closing the door, I heard this pathetic little “Peep peep”. Whereas Henry thought we were going somewhere fun and exciting, just the two of us and proceeded to dance his way the two blocks. He has a funny walk. When he moves faster than slow, he hops like a rabbit.

He was not happy to be left at the vet. He put his consider 7.4kgs into resistance. The worst part was him looking over his shoulder at me as I left to go to my Dutch lesson. The guilt that one small dog can invoke… George has been a little clingy, he’s not sure why his brother is not here. He’s just gone out with Kate so he will be running in the woods for a good couple of hours. By which time, Henry should be home since he is sleeping off his anaesthesia.

We had a really good weekend around here. The weather gave us lots of time to be outside and practice our coping skills with high winds. The dogs handle that differently than I do 🙂 I went to a really cool gathering Sunday night that was focused on bluegrass, blues and all kinds of American roots music played by non-Americans. I really enjoyed it and got to see some things you should not do with the banjo… I also think there might be an accordeon player in my future since imagine how much greater everything would sound with a Squeeze Box player? The woman playing it had an awesome disco glitter red one that she bought off Marktplaats (the local equivalent of CL).

Last night, I met a friend for dinner and reached my 17K steps for the day – whoop whoop! Okay, my calves are sore today but it was worth it. I am walking more now than biking because I am listening to music. And earbuds while bicycling is more dangerous than I want to take on, especially considering my near miss with the tram the other day.

Tonight I am going to another concert with tickets that someone I know couldn’t use. Awfully nice of them! Looking forward to it because it is Anneke van Giersbergen who is like a Dutch Rock Goddess.

I am a little bit short on sleep because we went forward for summer time which always throws me off and because I’ve been having some intense late night conversations lately. Like yesterday morning at banjo, I was having a little bit of a rough time putting the chords together because I had been up til 3AM. Back in the day, the wages of sin would have been a backstage pass. Now in my sensible adulthood, it’s late night chatting 😉 Wouldn’t necessarily change it though!

The vet just called so that means off to pick up Henry 🙂 🙂


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