Get ready for the orange…

Tonight is Queen’s Night and tomorrow is King’s Day or Koningsdag for those of you learning the language at home 😉 I thought about going out to a Queen’s Night party tonight but it would have been outdoors on a fake beach and even the line up of fabulous drag queens is not enough to tempt me to go out in this weather. It is 42 degrees F, with a real feel of 34. Yeah, no thanks!

Tomorrow means that there will be almost nothing to see in the streets except orange in every shade and combination possible. I myself have a standing inventory of orange items in my wardrobe. Not just for Koningsdag and other national holidays but also because I actually really like the color orange. I know, not something that many humans over the age of 7 will admit to. I even have an orange fleece jacket which might come in handy tomorrow.

I delivered the webinar today, despite my jitters over the fact that I couldn’t see my audience. I have a preference for looking people in the eye when I talk to them and with a webinar, that’s not really possible. I think it went okay, I didn’t lose anyone during the hour according to the techs monitoring the broadcast. After that, I had lunch with one of the college hires and helped her draft her plan to impress managers everywhere. The end of this afternoon, I had a long conversation with my manager. Technically, it is part of our career development process but she actually takes them seriously. I just finished rewriting my version because she asked me to use bullet points instead of writing an essay 😉 Guess she doesn’t know about my blogging habit…

We had a very frank discussion about where I am and where I want to be. I can say that in the past the idea of having that kind of conversation probably would have sent me into the room with dry heaves and not saying what I really thought. The difference with her is that she is an excellent people manager first and if you remember that, you can have any kind of conversation with her. She said some very interesting things to me and I am going to spend some time noodling on them. She really expects me to step up and take charge – which is something that I usually try to control within myself because I know I have a fairly dominant and overpowering personality. Heh, now I have to find a balance between world dictator and helpful colleague…ask for the moon, why dontcha? 😉

Curious about my plans for tomorrow? Me too! GG is coming up and we haven’t really decided how we are going to expand our cultural horizons. If the weather stays atrocious, then that means we’ll have to find indoor activities. Luckily, some of the museums are open tomorrow so we should be able to find something to do in the afternoon if the Centrum is just not a good idea. We always end up having a lot of fun so we have that item covered.

I wore my motorcyle boots to work today – these are the ones I found with Jan. They are so handy because they are actually cleverly disguised rain boots. I got quite a few comments today from my coworkers. Everything from asking me what the boots meant to was I thinking of joining a biker gang? Really? I mean, they are cute and all but then I think your life might be a little boring if you are looking at your coworker’s footwear and wondering what it means… I said they keep my feet dry and they will be super great to wear at festivals where there are puddles of beer everywhere 🙂

Okay, time to kick the laundry off and watch the first episode of Season 6 of GOT!

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