No rest for the wicked

In the middle of the night, Vodafone decided to push an update to my phone. I know this because somewhere around 3AM, when these things are pushed, I woke up and saw the gears grinding icon on my phone. Barely conscious, I thought to myself “No big deal, it will be fine by morning” and I went back to sleep. Oops. Not quite right, the phone ended up not rebooting for the 75th time and so the alarm didn’t go off. Yikes! This meant that I had to launch myself out of bed like Rocketwoman, figure out what I was going to wear, have a liquid breakfast, take care of the zoo and shower all within 30 minutes. I made it…

I just finished talking to Meredith for an hour or so. It turns out the Minion Takeover will be minus Dylan, he has plans elsewhere that weekend. We’ll support his choice, of course. Now we have to track down Cedric because no one has heard from him lately. Yeah, do you get the feeling that we’re not the best communicators in my DNA pool? šŸ˜‰

I haven’t actually washed any clothes since I came back from Seattle. Partially this was due to the whole washer drain pipe thing which has been resolved. The second part of it is that I think I might have too many clothes. Which means tomorrow I will sort through again for another round of donations. I am washing clothes now. When I was opening the closet door where I keep the laundry, an enormous pile came out and it actually hit the ground with an audible thump. Yep, time to do laundry…

GG and I discovered incredible vegan pizza last night. I can safely say, it will go on my short list of pizza places. We had a very relaxed and fun Kings Day. Even if the weather wasn’t super, we managed to get 13K steps in. That makes me sound like such a fun date šŸ˜‰

In the office today and it was fine. Even though I had good news to share, I didn’t manage to get a response out of some people. I am okay with that though. I am not responsible for how they think or feel. I am also not going to be overly accomodating to their quirks anymore but rather be no nonsense. I’m not going to work to be liked, I am going to work to make a difference so get out of my way if you don’t want to help…

I’m going to play my banjo for a bit. I feel like some twang šŸ™‚

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