First day of beach weather

Yay! Yesterday it was a sunny 55 degrees and perfect weather to leave the city. The boys and I were able to persuade GG to come with us and trek along for 18K steps 🙂 Poor Henry, today he is nursing his front paw and I think he might have overdone it. I hope he is going to be okay. If it doesn’t improve, we’re off to the vet tomorrow because he’s a small dog and he needs all four paws in working order.

Going forward to this weekend which is a long weekend due to Acenscion, the temperature should be popping up to 70 plus degrees which is just about perfect for EWOB – the European World of Bluegrass. In other words, time to set your inner hillbilly free 😉 Perhaps in my case, it is not so hidden.

You’ll be relieved to know that the mountain of laundry – like four feet high – has been reduced. I was very busy conquering that on Saturday before going out for date night with my fellow American, Jonathan. He’s also one of the minions in my tortilla cartel. 🙂 We saw the movie “The Boss”which I wasn’t prepared for the heavy mother-daughter messaging. It was a good movie, I enjoyed it.

This is a short week due to the four day weekend 🙂 According to the law here if you have a holiday and there is a day between it and a weekend then the “bridge day”also becomes a holiday. Nice logic, right? I wonder if I can stretch that logic to include Wednesday, which is Herdenking dag (Memorial Day) for WWII? I can tell I am catching a case of the lazies 😉


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