Okay, seriously irritating…

The terrace furniture has been a little bit of a lesson in never do this again via Groupon. Or at least not if it is the same merchant on Groupon. First, there was the excitement of the fact that they forgot to send one entire box, which contained all of the parts that you sit on. Then when they finally sent the second box, DPD apparently couldn’t deliver it because my house doesn’t really exist. I guess I should have remembered to lift the cloaking spell 😉

So, today, on my way back from Rotterdam, I took a side trip to the Amsterdam port where DPD has their depot. I was finally able to collect the missing box, which they didn’t understand why it hadn’t been delivered either. I got home and parked in front of the house and promptly crashed into the stone pillars that protect the garbage containers from people backing into them. It was a terrible sound, I thought for sure I was going to find an enormous dent in Astrid. Luckily, it was only the bumper. Okay, sporting now an enormous scratch that looks like a rabid grizzly bear tried to hang on to the car but other than that, my grrl was okay. Unpacked the box and dragged the pieces into the house.

Sounds good, right? I went out a few minutes ago with the intention of putting this thing together, damnit. Guess what? There’s no method to attach the pieces together. Yes, there are holes that line up with each other but there’s not a single thing to fasten them with. Somewhere along the way, those were forgotten as well. So, now I have all the pieces but no way to fasten them together and I don’t think cable ties are going to do the trick. Can I tell you how much I want to bang my own head against a wall? Followed shortly by the merchant’s ?

Echt Super Irritant – which means Really Very Irritating but sounds harsher in Dutch than in English. Mostly because you put a lot of emphasis on Echt and drag it out to Irr-III-Taaant. Yeah, just like that.

It sounds like I will not be sitting on my terrace furniture this weekend *scowl*. This is almost as bad as them killing off Charles Vane in Black Sails… I think it might be time for me to go and find my lavender oil again.

In other outdoor news, I need to go and get some vinegar to spray all the weeds so I can put in the grass seed. It hasn’t really been that warm or sunny so it wouldn’t be very effective. You really need some good sun to make the vinegar effective. Guess what the forecast is for tomorrow? Cloudy.

I also added some basil seed today to the herb gardens I am making out of champagne bottle cases. I forgot that one person I know only wanted basil…well, now he gets basil plus a few other things 😉

Going to do some housework so I feel like I accomplished something domestic today 😉



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