Still not sitting outside…

Yep, in theory, there are two more days to go that it is possible that I will still receive the fasteners for the terrace furniture. Saturday was an exercise in email frustration with the merchant and Monday, I finally extracted a promise that their warehouse would send me the fasteners within 4 days.

In the meantime, I ordered a mini shed on Saturday from Blokker and it was here Monday afternoon. I put it together last night and it will give me a place to keep all of the gardening tools and right now all the cushions for the terrace furniture since there is nothing to place them on…

I went to the dentist today for my teeth cleaning and I got a special fluoride treatment apparently. The dental hygienist warned me that when I go to brush my teeth tonight, I will feel pieces of the treatment come off. Now doesn’t that sound appealing?? 😉

The weather is beautiful, warm and windy. Not too sunny which suits me fine. Tomorrow I have to go in the direction of Rotterdam for work and I will be taking public transportation. I’ve decided that I feel like I need a little holiday so I will take the train. I always get a vacation feeling when I take the train. So, tomorrow I will take slightly longer to get to my meeting and enjoy the feeling of staring out the window, drinking my coffee and reading my book.

Tomorrow night, off to Utrecht to see Suzanne Vega with GG. She’s the fan. I tried gracefully to suggest taking someone who might be a bigger fan 😉 Apparently, there wasn’t one which means I am going to do my utmost not to let “My name is Luka” stuck in my head. I’ll let you know how successful that is! The plus side is I can sit through a great deal of Suzanne Vega if it means sitting next to GG 😉

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