How they grow up

Today R. turns 16. His birthday is precisely two weeks after mine which we always found an interesting factoid. It seems hard to believe that the boy who I met a few days after he turned 8 should now be 16. No less the path the past 8 years has taken us. Something I have learned over the years is that when I least expect it, I will hear from him. I guess that’s really the definition of a bond. It works like a yo-yo.

Jan sent me some pictures today from her vacation in Hawaii today. They are there with her oldest grandson. I can’t believe how much he has grown up either! Seeing the pictures reminds me of how much I miss my friends and how great Hawaii is 🙂

Speaking of growing up, last night at Suzanne Vega, the man sitting next to me was a clear fan and had been for a long time judging by how excitedly he was reacting to the three terrible get stuck in your head songs. You know the ones I mean. I am not going to list them because then they will get stuck in my head all over again 😉 We sat just to the left of the stage, in the very first row. I need to say that I would have been fine sitting further away. I was not converted to a fan! Luckily, GG is fan enough for the two of us!

Before the show, we had dinner  in a very charming restaurant located in a side street. It was picture perfect, Utrecht has a beautiful centrum. They had an great concept that you could order two half appetizers and two half mains so you could try four different things from the menu. It was really delicious! Kind of the like the best option for people who can’t or don’t want to choose.

I went into the office today. Whew. That was a long day. I had a good talk with the Carolines. It is a pity that we’re not all on the same team anymore but at least we’re still in the same country 🙂

Oh, and still no screws for the terrace furniture. I am at the point of returning the whole thing. We’ll see how long that takes…

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