Not sure what do with all this upset

I am still on vacation, and all things considered, I should be relaxed and enjoying time off. However, it is not that way at all. I keep thinking I hear Moortje walking around the house, every time I hear a noise that is not being made by one of the others. As for the boys and Lientje, they are also slightly lost. Everyone seems to know we are incomplete.

Yesterday morning early, I carried Moortje wrapped in a towel to the vet. I had asked a few weeks ago what the process was in case it happened when we were on vacation. They had me lay him down in the second exam room and told me that the animal cremation service would call me after they had picked him to discuss my wishes. I spent all day yesterday waiting for them to call and when they finally did, it was pretty hard. At any rate, they didn’t know that I wanted him cremated alone and that I wanted his ashes. So, that means they have to make other arrangements and it would be delayed. In typical Dutch fashion, the woman on the other end of the line was very practical and ignoring the fact that I was in tears and upset. I guess in that line of work, it helps to be unemotional. She was more concerned with the fact that I hadn’t received the brochure of information, including payment info, at the vet.

She told me that after I paid, and to make sure I didn’t forget the invoice number, they would contact me with the schedule. They called again today and let me know that his ashes can be picked up Thursday. I will pick them up next week after I am back from Chicago.

They are coming to put in some sod tomorrow. My terrace is tiled now with an untiled border. During many discussions, GG and I figured out that we could dig up 20 of the tiles, replace the stone border and have them put sod in space all the way to the fence, effectively making half of the terrace a lawn. So, yesterday, we started the excavation project. It didn’t take us long to to realize that underneath all the tiles is an exceptionally well laid pad of concrete and there is no way that is coming up. Instead the terrace got a thorough scrubbing and everything is ready for them tomorrow. I hope they won’t be too disappointed that their job is now half the size.

During this clean up the terrace process, I learned that snails poop. And they poop alot. And leave it everywhere, very inconsiderate. It is not enough that they have managed to eat all of my ground plants, but they have also discovered some of the hanging baskets. I don’t put poison down because of the pets and because I don’t actually want to kill the snails, I just want them to eat out of someone else’s garden for a change. I think it might be worth investing in copper flower boxes. If someone hasn’t already invented those, they should!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I didn’t make it to the third round of interviews. I am disappointed, of course. It means that I will keep exploring.

Tomorrow I also have a teeth cleaning. Not necessarily bad, just not pleasant. Somewhere between now and Thursday, I have to pack the next suitcase without the boys noticing…


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