Sigh…winding down

Or perhaps I should say winding up? Tomorrow it is back to the office after three weeks of (mostly) being away. This has been a really busy vacation period. Between Hungary, Chicago, the sod, Moortje, the family events and lots of things in between, I feel like I could use a week off to recover.

Chicago was something else! It was four days packed full of Big. This is appropriate considering I believe one of the nicknames is “The City of Big Shoulders”. There was, of course, the whole family meeting GG thing. Which then quickly turned into letting GG see we all interact with each other. And she got to see the full range πŸ˜‰

There were a great deal of moments in Chicago that represented new. Boundaries were pushed and I think we grew closer as a family for it. I did wonder what my mom would have thought of the whole thing and I missed her even more so while we there.

We landed back in the Netherlands on Wednesday and I went to my banjo lesson that afternoon. I was holding my own until I had to learn a third new chord (D minor) and Paul remarked that he doubted I had understood anything he had just said. Oops! He was right because I am sitting here right now trying to remember the chord and it’s a blank screen.

Thursday we went to pick up Moortje’s ashes. This was pretty emotional and there were other people there who were also going through the same thing. It is really difficult to know what to say in those moments because you all know why the others are there. I seem to cry along with them.

After picking up his urn, I needed to do something productive so it was off to the garden store for three hours in the 89 degree heat. I finished the planting yesterday and this is what the garden looks like now. In the big pot, there are about 30 bulbs that will come up in the spring. I’ve also got another one in the shade that is full of hostas. This time, I am hoping that the galvanized metal keeps the snails away because the minions aren’t doing it.


Yesterday was the birthday of GG’s sister. Yep, I met her parents, her sister and her sister’s inlaws. Henry and George were also invited – and on their best behavior. I managed not to do or say anything super outrageous. The vegetarian thing created enough of a furor. πŸ˜‰ It was at her sister’s house in Rotterdam and we sat outside enjoying the weather and having a last bbq of the summer.

Today, we are going to my cousin Sjoerd’s. His birthday was Friday and today he is having the family party so GG will be meeting my Dutch family. Then I think after that, we should be all done with relatives… unless the results of my DNA test turn up more πŸ˜‰

Speaking of, I got my results back. The 93% of Northern European/UK didn’t suprise me. The 6% of central Asian and 1% Pacific Islander certainly did. So now my goal is to have my cousins take the same test and see if they have the same results. I think I will bring that up later this afternoon.


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