Eleven again…

v__3652This time it is George who turns 11 today. When you are George, it seems like every day must be your birthday because the whole world is meant to be explored and sniffed and preferably marked with as many pee-mails as possible 😉

George is up for anything. He’s the kind of dog you would take with you to explore the North Pole or Kilimanjaro. I wouldn’t actually do this for practical purposes since he is so small but that’s because I would be exercising caution, not because he wouldn’t want to do it. When he is awake, he’s aware of everything. When he’s asleep, it is the deep sleep that his whole body goes boneless and the snores are intense. That’s a good word for him, intense. George does everything with intensity.

From the beginning, George was my mom’s dog first. The first car ride with him, crossing over from Yakima, George (then Archie) was already curled in my mom’s lap and starting his big adventure. Despite us having Henry first, George quickly made his spot front and center.

The other big person in his life was Raven. This makes perfect sense since George is always vigilant to what is going on around him and he picks up your emotions very quickly. Then there’s the bond of two boys making their way in the world with some pretty tough experiences behind them. George is also a child’s dog in the sense that he wants to do everything, will play catch until your arm falls off and loves to run.


I don’t always appreciate George’s enthusiasm – like first thing in the morning when he is ready to face the world and I do not want to get out of bed until it is light out. There’s alot to be learned from how he faces the world 🙂 Always ready, no matter what. He’s also the most affectionate one of us all. George can clearly think of no reason not to love everyone he comes into contact with.

Most of all, I love George because he makes me laugh, he will find a way to fit onto your lap regardless of whichever other pet is there and because there’s something to be said about someone who will always eat your cooking (except for that one batch of homemade tortillas). Happy 11th birthday, George 🙂


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