One of my most favorite people on the planet, little C, is going through some serious shit right now. It isn’t anything that she won’t ultimately roll through triumphantly but for the immediate future, it sucks. So, this morning, we went to make good on our deal, to simultaneously try on a new look. whatsapp-image-2016-09-27-at-11-39-29

And we left with this look. We’ve called it our Stappen Look. Stappen is Dutch for going out to party. Given our history over the past couple of years, I have a feeling that we will continue to cause trouble, laugh loud and cause more than a few people to wonder “What are those two doing?”

When I was standing next to Raven’s grave, falling apart, it was Little C who was right there. When I was so frustrated I didn’t know how to find my way out of my head, it has been Little C who has not only made me laugh but also given me practical tips to sabotage the BS. She’s also the ultimate roommate for work travel (where we have to share hotel rooms) because she doesn’t hear me snore.

She’s powerful, funny, practical, technical and pragmatic. I’m deeply honored to have her in my life.


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