Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down

I realize that Weebles might not be well known so looking on the internet this morning, I see that someone else has created the perfect image for this post. No idea who Julie King is but thanks all the same 🙂webbles-julie

I am a little wobbly this morning. It is not due to a caffeine shortage but rather that it is Thanksgiving in the US. I figure if I want to be able to do anything with the rest of my day, and I have a busy one, then I should purge myself on digital paper and then get it moving. So, welcome to my morning “Pull yourself together” moment.

Ugh, today is a hard one. I have been feeling a little out of my skin over the past week, more prickly and easier to tear up. I didn’t quite figure out why until yesterday afternoon when I was having coffee with Little C. Then when I was telling a story about my mom, it suddenly all landed.

I know you don’t need a national holiday to miss someone or to celebrate it with family. This year, I am missing Raven as well. What are the chances of finding another partner in crime who liked to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast?

Last night, before I went to sleep, I talked to my mom and made a list of all of the ways my life had changed and what I wished she had been able to see. Things that I was really grateful for and had learned from.

I think that this post is really going nowhere today. I’m going to go to work and see if that doesn’t help. In the meantime, if you are celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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