Happy Birthday, Meredith!!!

It is official, it’s Meredith’s birthday. I cannot disclose her age, her height, or other identifying characteristics so I will simply say it is a birthday somewhere between 1-100 😉 If you guess the right number, you will win an unlimited order of fried cheese, since that is her favorite snack. This is proof that she definitely belongs in this family, since we are all variants of cheese addicts.

I am really excited because in 27 days, Meredith (and Rupert) will be landing at Schiphol. In two weeks, I will start practicing the arrival greeting process 😉 It is very convenient that our office building is at Schiphol.

I am trying to think of the right words to convey what Meredith means to me. Let me make it easy on myself and use simple sentences… I am really grateful that she is part of our family and my life. Meredith is our linchpin. We all strive to behave better around her than we do with each other, she inspires us to be better versions of ourselves. Or at the very least to show up using our party manners 😉

Meredith reminds us to be in the moment. She’s always present when she is with you, not distracted or planning for the next day. That’s a quality that my mom had and all of her kids didn’t. 😉

Meredith shows us that you don’t have to be bossy, loud and full of big opinions to make your point. I’ve learned from her how to use the power of listening  and the secret craft of stillness 😉

I guess it is easiest said like this “Thank you, Meredith, for loving us and being part of our family”. And as for your birthday and year to come, I’m going to wish you even more chances to touch people’s lives, good memories to make and places to see and a birthday cake made entirely of fried cheese. Big hugs today and even more when I can squeeze you on the 29th!


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