Not just the song although I just fired up the Spotify playlist “This is: Guns ‘N’ Roses”. It seems like a good music to write by. I should also mention that I scored early purchase tickets to their show this summer. As soon as I saw the presale notice, I knew that I had to have those tickets. My best friend in 9th and 10th grade, Tricia, and I were obsessed with GNR. We used to address letters to each other using our GNR nicknames. I still have them. It took a while to teach the postal carrier to deliver the letters, no matter how ridiculous the name seemed on the envelope. I seem to recall that between the summer of 9th and 10th grade, we even wrote letters to the band. Lots of them. Of course, now you would just Twitter or something but back then it was all about trying to create the perfect fan letter.

I am titling this one Patience because I am trying really hard to have some. After my interviews last week, I managed to hold out until yesterday afternoon before asking if they had some feedback for me. A few hours later I got the response that they would be discussing my interviews Thursday with the whole group and get back to me on Friday. Ugh. Still two whole days away…

Tomorrow morning, it’s time for my weekly date with Little C. This is treatment number 10 so she’s well over the halfway mark. We’ve generated some fame, which can be a little awkward. Today someone came up to me in the office and starting talking a mile a minute to me about Little C and would I mind bringing her a gift? I was like “Sure”. The whole time I was trying to see her badge so I would know who she was. Here’s the worst part, I know I have spoken to her before and more than once. I just couldn’t remember her name for the life of me. So tomorrow Little C will have guess who the gift giver was from the description I can give. Too bad I am not artistic, I could draw a sketch of the suspect er, I mean giver. 😉

I interviewed a potential replacement for me this afternoon. That was interesting… those conversations are always a little awkward because I want to answer their questions so they have a good idea if this will be a fit for them. I try to be overly objective which then makes me wonder later if I was not telling the truth. It is a strange thought pattern. I thought he was very interesting, very different energy than I have, much quieter. 😉 Anyway, we’ll see if he wants to go further with the process.

Interesting times!

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