So much for that idea…

It seems that I will indeed have to be patient a little longer. I didn’t hear anything on Friday. You can imagine how my brain was working over the weekend! Yesterday afternoon, just before my weekly call with my mentee, they called. It seems that there will be another two interviews. Number 5 is tonight and number 6 will be on Thursday evening.

I am not nervous, per se. I need to find my enthusiasm and energy by later today since the interview is with the US. I’ll find it, probably some time after I go to the dentist at lunch.

On the other hand, there are now conversations at work regarding other roles. For the moment, it is just discussion about what might be created in the future. I’m not putting too much stock in it because I know that I need a change now, not the possibility of a change in 6 months.

I’m waiting this morning for the plumber to call me back. In a fit of determination and exasperation with the washer flooding the floor, I attempted some self repairs. Let’s say those didn’t work out so well 😉 You have a new found appreciation for how much water washers use, even on the eco cycle when it’s on your floor!

Psst, brother, did you know that cats make great pillows?

2 thoughts on “So much for that idea…

  1. Hi Caroline, I’m so sad that you are leaving but so happy that you are so happy. Such mixed emotions but look what you have done in what is really a relatively short time! Boo on the washer, hope it’s fixed soon! Merry Christmas!!! Laura

    1. Hi Laura, thank you 🙂 It has been a really mixed bag of emotions. However, I feel good about it because standing still is not an option 😉 Hopefully, this week will end up in some concrete plans! Merry Christmas to you as well!

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