Breathe deep…

I’m just back from meeting Cedric and Dylan at Schiphol early this morning for breakfast before they continued on to Innsbruck. It was intense… it took about 9 minutes to get into the political. WOW. The twins are going skiing for a few days and then will return here on Friday.

We went up to the Panorama Terrace to drink coffee and eat breakfast. My mom and I used to go there when we would land. It was a good time, even if the conversation was intense. And it gets to that level fast!

Like many other people out there today, I am also listening to George Michael. I wouldn’t say I am a fan, it’s more like listening to the music and remembering the time period that went with it. It’s suitable music for trying to prepare another computer – which is taking forever – and for working on a Power Point.

It is super quiet, not a single coworker online. YES! Can you say productivity goes up? I thought so šŸ˜‰

First Christmas Day with GG’s parents, sister and some friends was actually really nice. Also intense conversations, mostly related to skating, sport and the Elfstedentocht. Since I didn’t really know anyone very well or at all in the case of the friends, it was less emotionally overwhelming. Since it was all in Dutch and Vlaams (Belgian Dutch), I also really had to pay attention to the words which put my emotional stuff firmly in check. The boys were on excellent behavior, super charming, until George was sitting comfortably in someone’s lap and started letting them rip… You quickly get your dog handed back to you at that point!

For Christmas, I got a framed Shepard Fairey print of Henry Rollins. It is signed by them both and for the 2016-2017 tour, which I saw twice this year. It is super cool and now hanging in my dining room thanks to GG. She got the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit so I look forward to seeing a robot that will walk the dogs or other such useful thing šŸ˜‰

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