All tucked in

Except for me, I am working today. Henry and George are tucked into their basket by my desk. Rupert and Meredith are tucked into my guest room. Outside it is cold, grey and foggy. I feel quite content knowing that Administrator is still running the Asylum πŸ˜‰

I am listening to the soundtrack of “Juiste la fin du monde”, the film by Xavier Dolan that GG and I saw with the meetup on Monday night. It is melancholic and meditative which makes it good music to work by.

I have a call with my mentee this afternoon. He’s applying for a graduate scholarship from Carnegie Mellon’s branch in Kenya so we’ve really got to get his essay right. I think we will probably meet some day. I know that I am redirecting some of my grief over Raven to this relationship. I am okay with that. I know that for me, working on something helps me process the grief, it makes it feel safer to have the emotions and feelings rather than trying to shut them down.

The construction crew is back at it next door. They took Monday and Tuesday off, which was so nice even if I did have to rely on an alarm again instead of their noise. They also removed the honey bucket from the sidewalk out front so I believe that is a sign that the toilet has been installed indoors πŸ˜‰

The mail just brought my absolutely lurid new phone case. It is terrible, so terrible, no one would want to be seen dead carrying it. Just my style πŸ˜‰ The second thing was a Christmas card from my Dad. Reading his handwriting made me realize how long he has been writing cards and letters. I would recognize his handwriting anywhere. Growing up, that was how we heard from him: postcards from exotic locations stamped with US Navy postage and cassette recordings of his voice. So outdated now in the age of the internet but that’s the way we knew him when we were kids.

I heard from the HR person yesterday. My interview rounds are finished but those of other people are not yet. I should hear something from them at the end of next week. If I do, it won’t be another set of interviews (I asked), it will be an offer. That could be exciting, it could be disappointing but either way it will be a way forward. If I give notice in January, that means I will be able to start on 1 March. None of this two weeks business!

Okay, time for my call πŸ™‚

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