Hanging in the lounge

I must say, one of the best perks of Schiphol is being able to hang out in the KLM lounge. I can sit here in relative solitude (it is a big lounge) and I have a coffee in front of me and a Spa rood. I am plugged in, at a long circular table with the headphones in. This is the way to wait for your flight. I am only looking at the clock every 5 minutes 😉 I don’t need to leave for the gate for another hour so I have plenty of time.

Why am I here so obviously early? Well, at home, the pets were picking up on my travel stress even through I was trying to keep it from them, including not packing my suitcase while any of them were in vision range. But they knew something was up because they were barking at everything and running back and forth. For all our peace of mind, I decided to leave for the airport a little early.

I am off to Munich today. Short flight comparatively speaking to the usual ones. I have two days of training on the latest and greatest features of VS 2017. As a bonus, I get to see my colleagues from Western Europe, who I like a great deal and don’t see nearly enough considering we live on the same continent. I usually see them at NerdCamp or NerdCamp Light. Since those will no longer be taking place in Seattle but Las Vegas, I don’t know how often I will be back in the Pacific Northwest. That’s kind of a strange thought. Not that I can’t buy a ticket myself (and have before) but it was a rhythm of sorts, knowing when I would be in Seattle each year.

Of course, if I have the new job, I won’t be invited to NerdCamp or NerdCamp Light anymore. I think I am okay with that since everything is recorded anyway for people to watch at home or on their vacations. 😉

How much my life has changed in the past four years. If I think about where my career is going, that’s a surprise because I didn’t see this path coming without leaving the industry entirely. Now it seems as if the job I have always wanted (and training ground for the grown-up job I want to have) is within reach. It’s definitely a reason to be doubly grateful and to make sure I do not let it slip through my fingers.

Little C has a new family member, a puppy named Mika. I am a fan in general of puppies and the name Mika or any variation thereof, such as Mikha, my dragon cat that was Lientje’s companion for the first 11 years of her life. I’m going to visit on Friday after I am back. Turns out Little C has to go through a round of treatment we were hoping she could avoid. In the meantime, Mika will need to go to puppy school so she doesn’t grow up to be the boss in the house (she’s a Husky mix).  It’s my privilege to be cheerleader and a reminder of what happens when your pets do not know you are the boss 😉


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