Not quite how I expected it

to go… the strong windstorm that socked Europe last week caused KLM to cancel my flight back from Munich. Not just my flight, of course, but 90 in total. The earliest they could get me back was Saturday morning… that was not an option. Ultimately, they found a space for me on Lufthansa on Friday night which was better than nothing. I had long day in the airport on Friday, pacing Terminal 2 back and forth – go ahead and quiz me on the terminal layout and location of amenities.

I’ll spare you the details of my frustration with the local cuisine, with the exception of the reason that I decided not to go to the group dinner on the second night. On the daily special of the menu, it said “Pan fried calf’s head” . Yup. I knew that was not something I wanted to see in my range of vision. Turns out I made a wise choice since the next morning my colleagues advised that it was a bit like a Game of Thrones banquet with entire animals being served at the tables. I don’t think I am an unreasonable vegetarian, I just know there are some things that I do not want to be part of or look at. Pan fried calf’s head is one of them. I also think it is a waste of money for me to go to a dinner where I won’t be eating anything. So it was off to find a salad bar that resembled a bad version of the 80’s era Pizza Hut ones but with sauerkraut. For eleven euro, I had a salad that involved a large amount of pickled vegetables which was unusual flavor in a salad but not bad!

The past two days I have been one of the roaming proctors in a hands-on DevOps workshop, with 100 participants. So, today I am working from home so I can get everything in order, catch up and recharge the introvert battery. I’ll go to the office tomorrow. It’s the 1st of March. This morning I had a conversation with HR about the potential new job. I’m waiting now on the “written”copy of the information and then I will need to make a decision. In theory, this afternoon I could be sending an email that says “31 March is my last day so get your complaints in fast”;)

The contractors next door are hammering away again today. It comes down to turning up my music loud enough to drown out their air compressors 😉

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