Almost time for school…

Tomorrow and Friday I am going to a course at Erasmus University titled Women in Leadership. It’s a bit of a role reversal since the interns will have to run the ship tomorrow. They’re having the meetings with the other teams and will be making the decisions. Me? I’ll just be learning 😉

Big C heads back to the UK next week, much to my regret. Last Tuesday night, we met up at Amsterdam Centraal and took a canal boat cruise one last time. We walked from there to the halfway point to the restaurant and stopped for a Gin & Tonic. From there, we went to the REM Eiland Toren restaurant and sat high above the river IJ, having a last supper of the women of DX.

In addition to the three C’s, Eva (made an honorary C for the purposes of getting a group tattoo) was with us as well. She’s been an amazing part of our team and the change movement, even if she has the wrong name. 😉


As for me, well, I am having a hard time with Big C leaving. I know it’s the right thing for her and that there are so many good things in store for her. It’s not like we will never talk to each other again. It’s still a loss. It feels exactly like that too, sharp and pointy. I think when you are fortunate to find people who are willing to accept you as you are and will think wild and big thoughts with you, you should be able to keep them around you always! In this case, I find myself trying to give others the same encouragement and room to grow that our (now) friendship has given me.

Luckily, the Netherlands won’t be out of C’s, since little C is not planning on moving.

In case you were keeping track, Sunday I had a brunch date with Marianne and then my very first jam session. Well, brunch was a success. The jam session was a challenge. I decided that I will do it again but not with that group. The group was fine, the leader was not really equipped to handle beginners. Ironically enough for a bluegrass jam session, he had a disdain for non clawhammer banjo players. I know, right… Only clawhammer (strumming) banjo players are authentic, apparently. Umm, yeah, NOT.

Okay, that’s it for now since the pets are hoping for some attention!

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