I am really disappointed… it was a total disaster inside, 100 times worse than what I was expecting. Not only that but I am sorrowful that such a beautiful house has fallen on such hard times, through neglect. There were holes in ceilings, animal droppings that I couldn’t recognize even with my years of pet parent experience, smells that defied the imagination and so much lack of care.

It’s a project that we can’t even begin to tackle, especially given the ridiculousness of their asking price. I gave the showing agents a rather forward piece of my mind, also for their reluctance to share information ahead of time and what I felt was a lack of professionalism regarding a transaction like this. They looked at me like I was two burritos short of the combo platter, which tells me that their job is way too easy. It is unbelievable that they didn’t even have reports of the measurements of the house or any other information.

There’s so much potential in that house, to be unlocked. But first you’d have to wade through 44 plus years of total neglect. I know it’s only a building but I couldn’t help thinking “What the hell is wrong with people?”

I think it is also fair to say that I am kind of mad. Not just disappointed but really mad. I know that I got myself super excited about this house and that’s on me.

I think I will have to pick it all away during my banjo lesson tonight. And try to wash it all way with a lot of hot water because I am not entirely sure that I didn’t pick up an entire collection of health hazards in there.

Back to the drawing board, damnit…

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