From the deck of the orange couch…

GG is sitting on one end with Lientje on her lap. I think they are mining for crypto currency or planning other sinister things. Henry and George are in the middle, curled up like yin and yang and snoring in concert. Me? I am at the other end of the couch, drinking tea and plotting which city to move to.

I have been comparing so many houses and cities that my glasses are need of a new layer of anti-glare coating! Yesterday I was in Leiden, working from the house of my remaining intern. He and his girlfriend live in this tiny old loft that is part of an enclosed complex that women once lived in. It’s known as a hofje which translates to little court. It It was right on the canal and is located all the way at the top, above the big gate that is the entrance to the complex.

Leiden is full of mysterious little courtyards and alleys that go between houses and wind behind them. It’s a very different topography than Amsterdam. Still cold though. It might be possible to skate on the canals on Thursday!

I’ve been pretty busy, with all my OpenEdx classes on everything from Project Management to Indigenous Education. I still would like to get that Master’s from UBC… However, not sure I want to leave Europe. Plus an amazing person came over from the US and I was busy bringing her across the Netherlands and her message of diversity in engineering. We had a great time and she recharged my battery.

Plus I am building knowledge bootcamps to expand skills and increase the diversity in tech.Next week I need to pitch my first one to the people from the US. I am excited by the chance because I would much rather reach 2000 in a single year than 60. This is making other people nervous since they were kind of happy with trying it 15 students at a time 😉

You could say that I am keeping myself busy with creating the next part of my working life 😉  I have definite time lines and goals in mind. One month from today and I will be on my way back to Seattle. I can’t wait to get a tofu scramble from PCC!!!


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