And we have signed…

Yesterday afternoon, our long suffering and always up for adventure real estate agent, Sabine, came by with a bottle of champagne and the purchase contract to sign for the new house. Yes, it not only was in paper form, it also had to come via snail mail. I guess that’s an improvement over coming by horse or pigeon, as I have been reminded over the past few days.

Using the legally acceptable blue pen, the same one for both parties, we signed our way through 15 pages of intial here, initial there. We are officially now in the 3 day window for changing your mind, which should just about cover the time it takes to get the 40 miles south by mail that is needed to return the contract. πŸ˜‰

Now we have to get a mortgage. Here’s where I let GG step in and do all the communication with regards to this topic. When I view all of the rules, the what-ifs and the fact that everything is on paper, I lose my patience. Even more so when someone thinks they can give us some “fatherly” advice because you know, what would two grown ass women know about their own finances? πŸ˜‰

In turn, today the Seattle house went on the market, complete with a dashboard for the homeviewers. We’ll see how long it takes to sell.

I think a good word to describe how I feel right now is distant, or maybe better yet observant. I feel a bit like I am watching my life and myself from elsewhere, rather like a scientific observer looking into an antfarm. There are so many choices to make right now, which is a luxury. At the same time, I can tell by the intensity of my dreams lately, I am not quite as neutral about it all as I play on TV. πŸ˜‰

We’re in week 5 now of the data science academy for women. The positive news is I have gotten them all through the horror of T-SQL and now they are discovering the joys of Python. As for me, I finally finished the T-SQL course today since I am far behind their progress. Note to self, next time don’t try to learn the technical content at the same time that you are coaching 24 πŸ˜‰

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