I’m looking out at the field where Ajax plays during the year in the Johan Cruijf Arena (what was formerly known as the Amsterdam Arena). Today, while I was at lunch, my manager called me. I called her back afterwards, since I was having lunch with someone from our big competitor with regards to the topic of partnering together to create some cool skills programs.

When I called my manager back, I got the news that tomorrow morning I have to be in the office at 9AM to meet with her and the representative from HR. So, it looks like the job is coming to an end. To be fair, I knew that one year ago when I took this role, it wasn’t on the organizational chart and could end up not being held into the future.

Looks like that has come true. Afterwards, I will just head here and go back to work with the data science students. We don’t have another coach tomorrow so even if they didn’t need me, I need them 😉 Watching them grow more and more confident with the skills they are working so hard for is an incredible privilege and a reminder of all the things that are still possible, for me and for them.

It’s not the best timing, of course. But big changes and chances rarely subject themselves to a timetable. 😉

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