Hi Mom,

I thought I might write you because as you probably know, I am just a little cranky. Today is a day that I start dreading at least ten days in advance. As each day gets closer, I get progressively more unpleasant to be around. 😉

So right now, with the Gipsy Kings playing and the dogs snoring in their basket next to your old desk, I thought I might do something with all this feeling and write you a letter. I know that I normally talk to you in the air. I feel like there are so many things I am wrestling with this week, that I need to put things onto (digital) paper.

Mom, I remember where this photo was taken. It’s one of my favorites with you. I’m so glad we took that trip together. When we were walking for hours on this island, you were on the quest for more shells. I remember looking at my watch more than once and also trying to see if I could possible get any cell phone coverage. No luck in the middle of the Sea of Cortez and that was okay.

Being with you on, near and in water was a really fun combination of relaxation and stress. Keeping an eye on you while snorkeling while at the same time just letting go in the warm water generated such peace. We were doing this, having these adventures and falling asleep by 9PM in our tiny cabin.

You’ve been really present in my thoughts over the past few weeks. Not only due to Mother’s Day. The new house, the work I am doing, the work breakup all make me wish that you were here to share these things with.

Next weekend, we are going to one of the islands via fast ferry and rental bikes with dog baskets to spend the long weekend in the dunes, on the beach and probably only looking at the cold water. It came about a bit last minute (two days ago) because I figured I would do what you would have done, just go! I miss that, Mom. Sometimes things are too scheduled here for me.

I love you. Talk back sometime, I could use it 🙂



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