Words of wisdom

GG sent me this picture this morning after our discussion that while I might be getting enough hours of sleep, the quality leaves something to be desired. This is due to the exceptionally vivid and intense dreams that I am having. Normally I wake up a few times in the night (Fitbit tells me this) so the dreams I have a interupted. For the past few weeks, I have been sleeping through the night. This is good on one hand but it also means that now I have dreams that are the length of three full acts. And they have some very common themes!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 11.21.45

With so many changes happening right now or about to happen, I feel like I am not making any progress in any direction. Note that I said “feel” because I know logically that isn’t true. I think that the fact that all of these changes carry at least two emotions, it is like I am one of those giant sodas (or Slurpee) from 7-11 where you would mix all the flavors together. It would come out with a strange color and a  flavor tasting of not much other than sweet.

For example, on Thursday, in the morning I met with the lawyers about the ending of my employment contract. They gave me some things to consider, that I would not have thought about. I would say that it was a positive meeting, even if most people would have gone there with the intention of fighting to keep their employment. In the afternoon, the lawyer for all the other stuff was very low key and serious. However, she did not tell me “No, that’s not possible” and she gave us the structure and organizational plan for the new business and the foundation. Going back to the car, I was super hyper because I felt like things are really moving forward. They are.

On the other side, there’s the news that we won’t be able to move until the end of September. Ugh. Which stretches the time out longer that I will feel like I am in limbo. Plus the whole visa question. Plus the house in Seattle. All first world problems, I know. I want to make the best choices.

Last night, Marianne celebrated her birthday at Cafe Lennep which is located right on one of the canals. The weather was fantastic… how does she make that happen? 😉 On the bike to and from reminded me again of what a beautiful city this is. While we were there, we met some of her colleagues and the conversations were deeply interesting. It was a great way to start her new year!

Tomorrow, it is back to statistics, data science and banjo. Hah, in that order as well if I look at my calendar.

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