Weekend in Rotterdam

So, here I am, spending the weekend at the Startup Academy. I came here Friday night with the intention of absorbing as much information as I could. It’s Sunday afternoon, my prototype is built, my presentation is done and now I am sitting here wishing I could take a nap. 😉

It has been an intense experience! Not just here in the academy but also the challenges of getting to and from. Friday night as I got out of the tram, the skies positively opened up and what should have been an 8 minute walk took 30 minutes and included a complimentary face plant on a brick path right into a mud puddle. Yep, think Creature of the Black Lagoon style. I only realized this morning that my forearm is black and blue from elbow to wrist. Like any true nerd, while I was lying there face down in the mud lake, my first thought was “Oh God, I hope didn’t break my laptop in my backpack.” Technically impossible as I landed face down and the backpack was still safely on my back. 😉

Luckily, that was the last of the bad weather. Yesterday and today I borrowed GG’s bike and cycled back and forth. Which was faster than Friday even with my unintentional detours…

Seriously, I started to feel like someone who had never been to the big city… but I am much better now. It’s a good thing too since this will be our new environment when we move in October. We’re moving next door to Rotterdam so this knowledge will come in handy!

It will be nice to go home tonight – my brain is super full. I spent the weekend working on a platform for inclusive finance – which was more of a long term focus (2+ years away) but now I think it might be earlier than that.


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