Not quite there yet…

That’s our new living room, hence the lovely empty space! We’re clearly not there yet! Remember the super schedule? Well, after the movers arrived at GG’s, they discovered that their elevator lift is too heavy for her balcony. This is the modern way of moving instead of using the pulley system at the roof. Apparently, the mover had recently had the elevator lift bring down an entire balcony. So, yeah, not going to try that obviously. They will have to find another lift and come back again tomorrow.

However, I am supposed to move tomorrow. I was up at 0330, expecting the packers to arrive by 8. They came at 11. It feels like the day is over and it’s not even noon! I was going to move the boys tonight, to have them stay in the new house but that’s not going to happen. I’ve got to make some arrangements for them for tomorrow since they will definitely be underfoot if the movers are here. Not to mention stressed out – they already didn’t like the sight of me packing the suitcases with the stuff that must go in the car and not in the moving truck.

We moved so often growing up. There are certain things I always do, with regards to Stuff that Does Not Go In the Truck. We used to have a very small white bags that the sailors would get. Everything that fit in this bag could go in the car with you, everything else had to go into the moving truck to arrive 4-8 weeks later. I think I still have the ones belonging to the boys in my storage. Mom saved them. I’ve upgraded to roll aboard luggage size but the concept is the same. 😉

It is weird, sitting here typing, while my house is being packed up around me. I’ve spent most of the morning on the phone, cancelling things, moving others. Which reminds me, I need to cancel the paper. Of course, now that I am trying to do that, they say that it can’t happen until the end of the quarter – December. So, I guess that not only will I leave the lights and the floors to the next resident, but also my newspaper subscription!

I forgot how small the boxes are here. I guestimated that there would about 30 to pack but they are already at 16 and there’s a way to go. I hope they have more in their truck otherwise this could be a problem!

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