Different kinds of endurance…

Right now, my brother, Rupert is running the Chicago Marathon. He’s passed the 30 kilometer mark. I know this because I am following it online. I can’t even imagine how he must be feeling at this moment! I think it’s an awesome accomplishment and am having a proud big sister moment!

I am having to rely on a different kind of endurance. Let’s just say that the move didn’t go anywhere nearly as smoothly as it should have, for all of our planning. Friday morning, I was still loading the last bits into Astrid, right before the floor finishers got there! We’ve been unpacking all weekend. I know we have made alot of progress but it still feels like we’ve gotten nowhere.

GG has earned the night off and is at the U2 concert. I am sitting on the couch and listening to the boys snore.

I am so glad to be here. It’s a huge adjustment for the boys, especially the whole stairs thing. They know to wait at each landing for me to go back and get their brother since I don’t trust my balance up and down Dutch staircases with a wiggling dog under each arm. I think I am going to need to upgrade my Fitbit to the one that tracks staircases as well πŸ˜‰

The house is beautiful. I can tell the difference between the Catholic and Protestant church bells, which is a useful skill. πŸ˜‰ We overlook a square where our closest neighboring building is the city hall, which was built in 1668. It doesn’t get more storybook than this!

It’s very different here, compared to Amsterdam. Far more diverse and open. I was walking back from the store last night and passed 3 boys who were probably somewhere between 12-15. Big night for them as they were urging each other along to get to the snack bar. In the middle of walking through them, I was hit by a wall of smell. One of the boys calls out to me in Dutch “Ma’am, he let out a fart!” To which I responded “Oh, I know, I can smell it!”

Welcome to the neighborhood πŸ™‚ We’ll try not to wreck the charm that you have going on here!George on Point

2 thoughts on “Different kinds of endurance…

  1. Can’t believe how fun it is to respond to a blog post when I’m actually here. First of all, way to go Rupert!!! Miss your fun and ridiculous personality. And I agree how surreal it must be to look out the window and say “oh my gosh we live here!” This place is fabulous.

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