4 trucks later…

On Tuesday morning, at 0730, the last moving truck arrived. This was the one from the storage warehouse where I still had 3.5 chests of stuff that came with me when I moved to the Netherlands. We have had various conversations about whether or not our new house would actually be big enough for all of the stuff we have. Well, I can assure it is. We might even have room for more – although we are certainly not planning to bring anything else into the house!

I still have to adjust to the feeling that everything is now under one roof, including us, the dogs and things like this amazing pair of certificates I found yesterday while I was sorting for downsizing (aka the Bex Flow).  Issued to my mother when she was still fancy free and working at the Dutch embassy in Washington DC, were two certificates (with grades). She had taken the courses titled Essentials of Data Processing and COBOL Fundamentals of Programming. This was in the early 70s. I never knew this about her. When I saw them, I felt like I was really predestined to be doing this work. 🙂

From the storage truck, there were 27 tubs included. I managed to get through 12 of them yesterday afternoon, without falling apart more than twice. I will save all of that for when everything is unpacked. I did alot of recycling – including finally letting go of my junior high school folders – complete with band lyrics. I still have many more to go and from there we move on to the file boxes. My mom’s handwriting is everywhere on things – that makes it harder.

I might have forgotten to say that Bex arrived on Monday and was so full of energy. She was exactly the direction we needed because we had started to have moving paralysis. WIthin 45 minutes of arriving in our new house and one cup of coffee, she had us moving like an army and making progress where we had been stuck. There’s been a lot of laughter and sarcastic remarks flying around our new house.

The boys are getting a little more used to things. They are settling in. Now to find a good dogwalker and house sitter for the days that we are not home!

Today we will meet up at the old apartment and finish the yard because tomorrow the photographers come and I hand over the keys to the real estate agent. Freaky.


1 thought on “4 trucks later…

  1. Little do they know how much fun I’m having barking orders and getting things done…these 2 women rock,belong together, and make it so fun to visit! Pretty sure I’ll come again if they’ll put up with me. Looking forward to a weekend of adventure and no unpacking but loving relaxing time together.

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