Hello from Slacker Club…

Yesterday I drove Bex back north to Schiphol since she needed to return to Seattle. Since she left, it seems like GG and I have lost a little bit of our momentum. In other words, yesterday evening was a meeting of the Slacker’s Club. We ate boerenkool again because it was easy to make from the ingredients left over in the refrigerator and did a lot of talking about what needs to happen in this house.

Tomorrow the electrician is coming. That is priority one because the limited light facilities here are cozy but make it a pain in the ass if you need to do anything after dark. Number two, the stairs in the dark are a bit of a Choose Your Own Adventure chapter! In retrospect, maybe we should have just paid the ridiculous amount of money to keep the lights that were here. However, it turns out that our electrical panel really needs some tidying up and hanging the lights can be done as well.

Smoke detectors are not mandatory here… so in addition to the light fixtures GG went off to pick up tonight, there should also be some smoke detectors. Our house is predominantly stone walls but still…

The boys are doing quite well. It’s fun to watch them run through the house. Right now, they are having their post dinner nap and George is farting in his sleep. Oxygen masks will be falling from the ceiling!

I was back in Amsterdam today. Tomorrow I won’t be and then Friday again. Let’s just say that I am clearly giving my train card a work out. My designated train nap route seems to be the distance between Schiphol and Leiden. It’s about 25 minutes. I like to sit up top on the big yellow Intercity trains. It works just like a good rocking chair…zzz. I am waiting for the day that someone taps me on the shoulder to tell me that I am snoring in the Silent car and would I mind napping in the non-Silent car? 😉


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