Small Dogs at the beach

Yesterday I was working hard on getting through all the boxes downstairs in the office. There’s alot of anticipation amongst the people who will be working with me to come and see the new digs. One of them was coming with her husband to bring us plants. And there was the belated birthday party for GG’s sister in the evening, so time was critical. It was so critical that when I woke up at 920, the first thing I said to GG was “We’ve got to hurry up, we only have six hours to work before we have to get ready to leave!” She was not impressed. 😉

So, yesterday the boys had to watch me work my way through another stack of boxes and they were pretty restless. Partly because they were bored and partly because all of the stuff I was going through was pretty intense. Poor little sponges. The lesson learned was that I needed to wear them out so that they nap on the sofa while the boxes get tackled.

This morning we took them to the beach at Monster. When we arrived, there was a sort of dachshund party happening with 20 or so dachshunds that were all descended from the same breeder. Henry was fascinating to them so we were invited to join their walk. We did that for a while until George decided he was finished with all their barking and he was going in the water. He did really well, even chasing after rocks and sticking his whole head in the cold salt water. Henry stayed out of the water as befits a dachshund of his short stature.

When we got home, it was bath time for them and vaccuum time for Astrid since she was covered in sand. And then off to tackle the boxes. There’s a lot of work still to go. However, we did get the furniture moved and all of the 27 tubs have been sorted along with all the boxes that came out of storage. Now I have to go through the boxes that came from Amsterdam – but that’s all current stuff so less to deal with emotionally.

I found an amazing framed photo of Raven, at the UW Spring Powwow. He’s in profile, surrounded by all the other dancers participating in Grand Entry.

George is finally snoring after keeping himself awake all afternoon. I feel like I could do that too!

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