It’s quarter after 11 and I decided to write a post. Partly because we spent a great deal of today going through all of the boxes and suitcases that had been piled up in the bedroom. After you move, there’s a certain amount of time that you can recycle the same clothing and make do with all the sample size toiletries that you have collected. Then there comes a point where you have to actually unpack the rest of your clothes. That was the task for today.

On a plus point, I can say that several boxes were emptied and others were filled for donations or textile recycling. I bravely sorted through my entire collection of bags, backpacks and purses and mercilessly put all the ones that weren’t quite perfect into the donate boxes. Of course, since we were unpacking boxes and we really only had one chest of drawers (which we lugged all the way up to the top of the house from the ground floor with a great deal of swearing – on my part) that means that there are still a ton of clothes piled up on the bed. Part of me is considering making the suggestion that we just sleep in one of the spare rooms. 😉

I know I need to go upstairs and move those things. However, I am putting it off just a little longer. I am in this weird phase, I don’t have trouble making decisions about what to keep and what to let go, but I do have trouble getting started with doing it. That’s not exactly helpful.

However, since we head to the US in week, the house has to be in a relative kind of order because we have a housesitter coming. We interviewed her last night and the boys took to her right away. That’s probably what sealed the decision, to be frank. The boys like people but with Lucia, they were stuck to her in within 2 minutes.

Yesterday, I went to the office for the last time and turned in everything. It was a surprisingly anti-climatic ending to nearly 11 years of being an employee. It felt a little strange but I had 2 hours in traffic to process it. 😉

The weather has switched to rain and wind, which I like. Tonight we also finally turn the clocks back.

I was in Amsterdam Thursday night to host the monthly meetup and since the 1st of October, most of my usual transit lines have changed. I felt like I was visiting from a one stoplight kind of town. Funny how quickly things can change.

Tomorrow promises to be rainy and cold, which means there is no excuse not to finish unpacking. 😉


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