Thanks for the germs, fellow passenger…

As I might have mentioned, on our flight to Chicago, the young man sitting directly across the aisle from GG had a very deep sounding cold and he proceeded to blow his nose mightily during the entire flight. From the sounds of his nose trumpet, it was very productive in terms of a high muccus yield. That’s understandable – it has to go somewhere in order for one to get well. What is not understandable is piling your used tissue collection under your seat for the germs to circulate merrily for the entire flight.

So, yeah, now I am making some similar noises. Not exactly how you want to spend your vacation and kind of a hassle to be honest. I have spent today holed up in my hotel room in DC, making ridiculous amounts of mint tea through the in room coffee maker and working. Part of my reluctance to go outside the room unless absolutely necessary is due to the fact that this cold comes with unpredictable sneezes which are also not dry ones if you know what I mean.

We’re just outside of DC right now. I was just looking up things to do for tomorrow since tonight we are having dinner with my dad. The plus side of having a cold like this is that I don’t have any left over energy to be stressed and nauseous about this evening. 😉

Despite the sneezing and the wheezing, this has been a good trip. We’ve had a good time, I think. Can’t really say that we did anything more than hang out together – although we did go hiking one day. The best part was just being around each other.

Tomorrow is our sightseeing day and then Thursday we leave to go home. I can’t wait to hug the boys. I hear they have been having a good time. They have also been office dogs during part of the time when my employees have been working downstairs. Hahaha, that sounds so strange to say – like I am a grown up or something!

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