One more night to go…

After a walk to Whole Paycheck to get a few things, like pumpkin pie filling to bring home for dinner next week, it’s time to do nothing more challenging than catch up on American tv. First observation from GG is that there are far more ads here about cancer treatments and your choice as a patient, whereas in the Netherlands, people would rely on their doctor to inform them and make the choice.

Today was good. We spent the day with my dad, heading over the National Museum of the American Indian first. From there, we went to the National Archives, to see the exhibit on the Vietnam War and then to a special panel discussion in the basement on the topic of veterans and what comes after serving. Definitely an intense day for us all. I think the toughest for my dad. At the same time, the conversations we had were good and I got to hear some great stories about him that I didn’t know.

I don’t see my father that often. Each time it takes me a bit of time to adjust how much it seems that he has aged since the last time. We also have a bit of the awkward conversational dance for the first thirty minutes or so each time. I found myself talking about things I had tried to teach Raven about restorative principles in his relation with the people and the world around him. Raven was often focused on everything as an absolute. I think I see some of that same anxiety in my father. Of course, I couldn’t help think about Raven, especially since the first thing that I looked at the in the museum was the Tlingit story of how Raven stole the Sun.

Can’t wait to fly home tomorrow as it is supposed to start snowing here. It’s going to be a long flight but at the end of it, there will be small powerful coffees, two small dogs and non-chlorinated water. 🙂

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