Sunday night

One of the things to get used to here has been that calendars start the week on Monday instead of Sunday. For the most part, I have adjusted to that. However, I have to say that today feels like I have slipped back into the US model. I feel like I have spent most of the day trying to finish up last week and get a head start for this week. Except there are so many things that I need to do that I still feel like I am behind!

We arrived back home last Friday morning with a tasklist of things to get done. Not the least of was assembling some 500 vials this week for a give away and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Last year, I had my interns over for dinner, Thanksgiving style and we decided that this would be a yearly tradition. Luckily, none of the packs of pumpkin pie filling or spices spilled in the suitcase. Only two of my former interns were able to make it this year due to circumstances. However, it was a really good evening and so nice to see them again. I also had enough back up supplies because I ended up throwing away the first batch of stuffing. Who knew that stale bread (the primary ingredient) could actually be too stale for stuffing? 😉

Last night we braved IKEA to go and find some supplies for the booth this week. My little company is attending it’s first conference as sponsor and we are decorating on a shoe string budget. I am not sure how it is going to turn out – we build up the stand on Tuesday afternoon. If it’s terrible, well, it will be a learning experience!

I am creative when it comes to ideas. I am not creative when it comes to decorating or making things look cool. I know my limits. 😉 However, needs must and that doesn’t stop me from trying to put something together. I’ve just spent the past three hours trying to make a Women’s History quiz based on the categories of Trivial Pursuit. The easy part is going to be putting it into a digital form – the technical plumbing I can do.

I just need to make it through this week and have all the things go in order. And then next weekend, I can breathe a bit and tackle the next project. Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving not working for anyone else!

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