Scarves of kitten…

I am not sure how this happened or where she learned this. Olive is a live scarf. As I am typing this, she is sitting tucked up under my neck, watching the screen. This seems to be her favorite place to be when it comes to people. She’s also purring continously which is an interesting complimentary note to George’s deep snoring.

Pickle is sitting right next to me, with his head on George’s shoulder. George is curled up, above his brother. Poor Henry, he never gets a break from being the pet pillow. Olive just sat up so maybe she will move to another location and I can type faster. Umm, no, she just put her head down.

I had forgotten what it was like to have kittens in the house. They manage to get everywhere they are not supposed to, repeatedly. They have graduated from having to sleep upstairs in the other bedroom to being allowed 24/7 on the first floor of our house. That would be due to the fact that the other morning I came downstairs into the kitchen and the breadbag was moving. A mouse shot out of it and ran behind the cupboards. I am not sure how much bread was consumed but looking at the slice that was interrupted, I’d say that it was quite a party.

We have an old house, nearly 160 years old. So far, I have not seen signs of any others but to be on the safe side, the kittens now get to roam as the Night’s Watch (hahahaha). When I lived in Amsterdam, you could hear rats and mice in the walls. For starters, walls between buildings are usually not solid here, they are filled with hay or straw as insulation and also to absorb water. New construction is more advanced but for anything from before the war, you can bet on straw.

You get used to the noises. The rats really scratch. The mice tend to make less noise. If I have to choose, I am a mice person. How is that for an introduction at your next social gathering? “Hi, I’m X. I’m a mouse person. And you, do you prefer rats or mice?”

I have had tapas for dinner for the last two nights. On Saturday, Marianne came to visit and we tried the little tapas bar around the corner. It was so good, I had to make a reservation again for yesterday with GG. Unfortunately, they are closing for the next six weeks or so due to the owner’s need for an operation. He’s also the chef and he doesn’t have a replacement. Tonight I was responsible and ate cauliflower and brown rice with tempeh. Not quite the same taste experience. πŸ˜‰

Like many people, we are practicing KonMari thanks to Netflix. Yesterday, I went through my closet and I was really motivated to get rid of everything. I wanted to donate it all. Then I realized that if I did that, while it would be radical decluttering, it would also mean that I would have to wear one set of clothes for the forseeable future. Not that handy. I did have so many strange dreams last night about things in the past- coincidence or just tapas overload? They were the kind of dreams that even when you wake up, you go right back into them. I hate those!

Changing of the shift – now Henry, George and Pickle are all under the same blanket. It must be a nice life to be a pet around this place. πŸ˜‰

I finished the first half of a big project this evening. I had choice stress from which format to do it in – I really wanted to use pen and paper. However, that wasn’t the right format for the potential customer. After doing the equivalent of writing something and then crumpling it up and throwing over my shoulder except digitally and in every Office product, I finally came up with something I liked. If things go well this year, I think I will invest in a digital whiteboard! For now, I will have to settle for something smaller!


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