And another 57 plans…

Sitting on the couch, serving as harbor to Henry and George. Olive was here a moment ago but she has moved to the corner of the couch so as to get away from the snoring.

We had to take George to the vet today because yesterday while neither of us was here, he had a seizure downstairs in the office with my IT person and had a hard time breathing. I was all the way in Groningen when I heard this and you can imagine the sorts of worst case scenarios that have been spinning through my head.

The vet couldn’t find anything obvious other than George sounds a bit like he has a sore throat. She did some secret vet trick by pressing on his throat which should have made him swallow but instead made him cough. She sent us home with cough syrup. I forgot to ask if it is liver flavored or something equally disgusting. Maybe I can get GG to try it if I pour it in a whiskey glass. πŸ˜‰

Yet another week flew by. Looking at my notes, I think I have even more plans than when I started the week. That’s not a bad thing. I really think we might be on to something, that things are really close to coming to vibrant life. That would be nice! Actually, that would be amazing. πŸ™‚ Let’s not kid ourselves.


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