Add It Up…

Listening to the Violent Femmes as the mighty yellow NS train brings me through the Dutch countryside on my way up to Groningen. It’s Thursday which means that is a 605AM train from Rotterdam Centraal to Groningen. Yep, first train of the day. At the station before even the Starbucks opens (slackers). Wow, this music brings back memories of my high school years!

Unfortunately, this morning there is someone sitting across from me. Usually, I have the route from Zwolle to Assen (heh, from Z to A) solo and this is about the time that my coffee wears off and I snore for the ride between the two. Not this morning, so I am typing away in attempt to keep from giving into the temptation!

Normally I take the train from Groningen too but tonight I have to be in Amsterdam so I am catching a ride down from Groningen with someone I used to know from the MS days. Not only is Vincent a very interesting entrepreneur, he is also a champion ballroom dancer which I would never have expected from him. Previously I used to give him advice on how to deal with big corporates and now I am going to be asking him advice from the startup experience. 😉

Tonight I am hosting the montly meetup and then tomorrow I sign all of the paperwork for transferring my rights to my Amsterdam apartment to the new owner. I think that’s going to feel a little weird. I like where we live now and it would be very uncomfortable to going back to a place where everyone can see into your garden. Our current garden is kind of like a fort and I like it that way!

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