Rupert, Reinstall Viber…

My youngest brother, Rupert, has his birthday today. I have a feeling that he has probably replaced his mobile and forgotten to reinstall some things. My brother is a genius of many kinds but practical technology details are not really his thing. I discovered this when I tried to call him repeatedly at Christmas and he found it strange that I hadn’t called him. Turns out my sister in law pointed him to his phone and the missing Viber was discovered.  😉 Therefore in the event that he has replaced his phone again, I’m taking a guess that he might need to reinstall.

In the meantime, I will say “Happy Birthday” here. I’m excited that you and Meredith are coming to visit in September and can’t wait to take you to all kinds of new places where you can casually work your way into the conversation with strangers and have them offer you part of their bitterballen. I’m looking forward to sitting on the back deck with you and talking until the sun goes down. And we will have ordered a special party for your arrival!


1 thought on “Rupert, Reinstall Viber…

  1. haha. love this post, and yes, the viber has not been installed on the new fon. but your blog posts come straight to my inbox.

    XOXO. You are the best…

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