Saturday morning snooze…

That’s exactly what Henry is doing next to me. George is momentarily awake because Olive is walking around meowing. I am not exactly sure what she is saying but she certainly has a great deal on her mind.

Her meowing reminds me of Mikha. Mikha also used to express herself frequently and loudly. I think perhaps that’s a big part of my secret weakness for tabby cats – their slightly oddball personalities. Although I am sure that there are plenty of tabby cats out there that are loving and kind – I have an affinity for the ones that are a little bit odd. Lientje was also fit that model – our little space cadet. Olive is kind of fierce like Mikha in the sense that she dares everything. But where does that leave Pickle? Pickle is not adventurous. He’s got a lot of swagger, like he’s the big man on campus. However, when it comes to do something scary or new, it’s Olive that is leading the way.

What I love very much about them both is that they are not shy about wanting to be hugged or picked up. Even if you are not quite ready to make that commitment. It’s like “Love me, NOW, damnit!” and they will just jump right into you for a hug.

This has been a busy week. Not like that is news. However, Henry and George have been playing a big part in our meetings this week. Turns out that not only are they in the office dogs, they are also offsite dogs. We had some work to do out of the office this week and they participated. We were doing some strategic planning and had to physically align ourselves to certain themes. Henry went to stand on the block “Assess” and George went to stand on the block “Allies”… it was uncanny! There was no prompting or bribing with dog treats. I wasn’t standing on either of those blocks either.

No big plans for the weekend other than watching the Eurovision finals tonight at the cafe around the corner where we go for drag bingo. Oh, and maybe tomorrow the beach if the weather holds – so the boys can get some wind in their hair. And if you are wondering, yes, I did reach Rupert on his birthday. 🙂

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