A Eurovision sized hangover…

Last night, GG and I went to the cafe around the corner to watch the Eurovision finals on the big screen. Much to the delight of most of our fellow viewers, The Netherlands won. I think for the first time in forty odd years. However, long before the winner was announced, the celebratory drinks were flowing fast and free…

Here’s where evidence points to the fact that GG is smarter than I am. She sticks to one kind of drink the whole night, usually beer. At the end, she switches to Diet Coke. Yours truly does not do that. I switch back and forth. Last night, I think made that journey between wine, champagne, shots called “woods walkers”, mineral water, back to wine and I think there might also have been another random champagne in there.

Let’s just say that I am not 20 anymore and today has been a day of reflection 😉 In the meantime, GG was able to bounce right out of the house and head off to her smart people high tea. Now I am drinking some detox tea that tastes so awful that I quite like it.

The cafe around the corner has really uncomfortable bar stools, cheap drinks, questionable music and only one bathroom for all. What it does not have are hipsters, people who drive expensive cars or expensive cocktails. Instead the people who frequent this cafe are quite colorful and special. The bartender is also so fantasically fast with smartass remarks that it is a joy to just sit there and listen in.

Now if I could only find someone to deliver pizza…

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