Sunday afternoon snooze

Last Sunday, I blamed my Eurovision sized ick feeling on a hangover. Perhaps that wasn’t quite correct as I have spent the past week in the midst of a lovely flu. I’ve lost my voice and as GG says I “cough like a construction worker”. It’s finally sort of coming back around. I hope that by tomorrow I will wake up sounding normal at least!

Right now, we are waiting on GG before we go for a Sunday afternoon walk. After four hours of playing Helpdesk for her parents, it’s time to get moving. Henry and George are waiting patiently while the kittens have given up and are stretched in opposite directions and taking a nap. They are the longest cats. I think Pickle is already over two feet long when he is stretched out.

It’s Memorial Day weekend for the US. Like so many people, I used to associate this weekend with the first acknowledgment of summer. We didn’t go away for it, since everyone else did. However, the having a long weekend seemed like a luxury. I noticed today that I am still holding on to this mindset, that Sunday is the day to get ready for Monday. That with Sunday, there’s not really time to do stuff just because you enjoy it.

In Europe, calendars and the week start on Monday. Sunday isn’t preparation for the week to come, it is a closing to the week that has just happened. Plenty of people are good at enjoying Sunday 😉 I happen to be one that needs to continue to work on this. Admitting you have a problem is the first step!

I am not going to think too much about the things that are happening Monday and instead I am going to go wander cobblestoned streets of our town with my GF and the dogs. Enjoy yours!


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